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Dr. Kerry Bolton

Zionism, Islam and the West

Zionism, Islam and the West

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This is an important book that will challenge many readers’ ideas and presuppositions about the direction the world is currently traversing and will appeal to a fairly wide audience. Zionism, Islam and the West constitutes a broad overview of the last century and insightfully questions several popular Shibboleths.

The American scholar Arthur Schlesinger Jr. claimed that History haunted successive generations regardless of whether they knew it or not: “Rhythms, patterns, continuities, drift out of time … to mould the present.” History he felt imprints “the collective unconscious with habits, values, expectations, dreams.”

Over 12 chapters Kerry Bolton rattles quite a few of the widely held misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, and the events of the past few decades in particular.

This is a deep and thought-provoking piece of scholarship and Bolton demonstrates a shrewd command of documentary material in order to elucidate the prevailing stereotypes, pejorative views and garrulous hyperbole about Islam, and convincingly exposes a deep comprehension of the complexity of 20th century politics.

In the final analysis Zionism, Islam and the West offers a very thorough critique and this intriguing monograph will ultimately serve as a vital tool for academics and students of History, Politics and the Middle East alike.

Author: Dr. Kerry Bolton
Pages: 266
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2014
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781908476371

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