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Dr. Greg Johnson

The White Nationalist Manifesto

The White Nationalist Manifesto

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A specter is haunting the world, the specter of White Nationalism.

Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Orbán, Salvini: white identity politics is on the rise. Even though the entire political establishment, Left and Right, is committed to globalism, populist nationalism is sweeping Europe and put Donald Trump in the White House.

In The White Nationalist Manifesto, Greg Johnson defends the most radical form of white identity politics: White Nationalism, which upholds the right of all white peoples to self-determination.

Multiculturalism is a social experiment imposed by international elites on unwilling nations. That experiment has failed. Diversity is not a source of strength, but of alienation, hatred, and violence. But even those problems pale before the fact that the white race in all its historical homelands is on the road to biological extinction—unless there is radical political change.

White Nationalists aim to end multiculturalism; restore unified, national cultures; reverse non-white immigration and white demographic decline; and affirm the right of all peoples to self-determination in racially and ethnically homogeneous homelands.

Written with great simplicity and clarity, The White Nationalist Manifesto offers a compelling moral case for White Nationalism, presenting it as a logical extension of endangered species conservation policies to the human realm. The Manifesto also clarifies fundamental White Nationalist ideas, patiently refutes common objections, outlines broad policy objectives, and maps a path to power.

The White Nationalist Manifesto is required reading for anyone who wants to understand both the intellectual principles and ultimate aims of the rising resistance to globalism, multiculturalism, and liberal democracy.


Praise for The White Nationalist Manifesto

In The White Nationalist Manifesto, Dr. Greg Johnson offers an authoritative, insider’s account of the new white identity politics—its beliefs and its goals—such as the reader will not find in any second-hand journalistic reports. Every informed advocate or critic of White Nationalism needs to read this book.

—F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D., author of Sexual Utopia in Power

Greg Johnson’s The White Nationalist Manifesto will surely stand as the go-to declaration of basic principles and goals for white people concerned about their marginalization under a globalist establishment recklessly determined to turn all white nations into multiracial ones. Unlike the violent rhetoric of The Communist Manifesto and the deceitful polemics of academic multiculturalism, Greg Johnson’s Manifesto is a calm, level-headed, fair-minded, humanitarian defense of the moral right of white peoples to aspire to national self-determination under the universal principle of ethnonationalism for all races and peoples.

—Ricardo Duchesne, Ph.D., author of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization

Dr. Greg Johnson’s The White Nationalist Manifesto advocates “ethnonationalism” for all nations because the “white race” has many different ethnicities that should be preserved in their own states rather than dissolved into larger entities.  At a wider level, ethnonationalism applies to all races, and it is antithetical to “white supremacy,” or any other form of race supremacism, and intrinsically anti-imperialist. Right now, all ethnic groups except whites are encouraged to pursue their own “identity politics.” “White identity politics” is therefore required as a defensive measure, which is the purpose of The White Nationalist Manifesto.

—K. R. Bolton, Ph.D., author of Artists of the Right and More Artists of the Right

For much too long, the White Nationalist movement in America has lacked an unambiguous statement of ideals and intentions, an intellectual platform to prompt white people to preserve and even to reinforce their essential role in the leadership of western societies. Greg Johnson has now corrected this deficiency and in his Manifesto offers us at last a seminal declaration that should quickly be endorsed by our endangered people.

—Tito Perdue, author of Though We Be Dead, Yet Our Day Will Come

The White Nationalist Manifesto is logical, succinct, and well-organized, each topic flowing naturally from the ones preceding and building upon them. It provides a first-rate synopsis of fundamental principles and proposes basic policies that are preconditions for the survival of the Great Race. Greg Johnson develops numerous ingenious and commonsense arguments that have never been broached simply because they are politically incorrect or censored. Many are so self-evident even I had to laugh when I read them. The White Nationalist Manifesto is an indispensable corrective to prevailing thoughtlessness, intellectual sloth, and political immorality.

—Andrew Hamilton

The White Nationalist Manifesto sets the modern standard for arguing for nationalism for white nations. Greg Johnson accomplishes this tour de force in an impressively concise manner. This book must be read by everyone.

—J.-F. Gariépy

It’s the Little Red Book for modern white people.

—The Z Man

What we face now is an existential threat truly different in kind from anything we have faced before, with stakes that are far greater. And since it is something new, we have no successful precedent to follow, nothing from our historical record to guide us in dealing with it. Yet we have to find a way, for if we fail this time it will be the last battle of our existence, and when it is over we won’t be here anymore. But before we can win that battle we first have to win the battle within our own race, the battle to get our race, or at least the great majority of it, fighting for its own side. That is the metapolitical battle for the hearts and minds of our race stressed by Dr. Johnson, which is a battle of ideas, raising racial consciousness and situational awareness, and nothing can do that more powerfully than to focus on the ultimate existential problem of our ongoing racial destruction, as found in this book. If and when we win that internal battle, the greatest and most decisive of battles, the outcome of the struggle for our existence, including the struggle against the other races, will be in little doubt.

—Richard McCulloch, The Occidental Observer

Dr. Johnson has written a book that is both timely and timeless. It defines the politics of the present moment but also outlines a vision that will speak to every generation. It’s a book that desperately needed to be written. Now, it desperately needs to be read.

—Gregory Hood, American Renaissance

About the Author

Greg Johnson, Ph.D., is the author of seven other books, including Confessions of a Reluctant Hater (2016); New Right vs. Old Right (2013); Truth, Justice, & a Nice White Country (2015); and In Defense of Prejudice (2017). He is editor of many books, including North American New Right, vol. 2 (2017) and Dark Right: Batman Viewed from the Right (with Gregory Hood, 2018).


Author: Dr. Greg Johnson
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781940933641
Languages: English
Number Of Pages: 150
Published: 2018

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