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Jean Haudry

The Indo-Europeans

The Indo-Europeans

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A modern text discussing the language, culture and racial and geographical origins of the early Indo-Europeans. Chapters include: World Vision: Language and Mentality, The Individual, the Group and the Universe; The Community: The People, The King, Duties toward the Community; Religion: General Characteristics of Indo-European religions, The Gods of the Universe, Rites and Gods of the Four Circles of Social Attachment, The Gods of the Three Functions, From Gods to Heroes, The Twilight of the Gods; Institutions: The Indo-European Legal Heritage, Law and Religion, Lineage and the Law; The Law and the Three other Circles; War; Production and Reproduction; and Geographical origin of the Indo-Europeans.

Author: Jean Haudry
Pages: 166
Binding: mjukband
Published: 1994
Language: English
ISBN: 2-9508940-0-3

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