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Kristian Tørning

The Ego Humanists

The Ego Humanists

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For decades, they have dominated public discourse. You will see and hear them everywhere, and they always know best. Not because they are able to present any real solutions to the problems they so generously and confidently comment on, but because they believe they have a superior moral compass, and a set of values that transcends all else. They are Ego Humanists – and it is their right to stigmatize everyone they believe are wrong. To contradict them will invariably lead to the pillory and subject you one to a wave of hatred. Because hatred is one of the five dogmas of Ego Humanism: “We Have a Right to Hate.”

The other four are:

”We Are the Guardians of Morality”
”We Demand Complexity”
”We Act with Words”
”We Are the World”

To implement the dogmas the Ego Humanists have developed draconian strategies in order to silence their opponents, for example anti-communication. Anti-communication has one single purpose – to destroy public discourse and prevent any real debate, thus bringing victory to the Ego Humanists by default, despite their lack of any rational arguments. The Ego Humanists are not driven by real pathosempathy, but rather, a narcissistic conceit that highlights their own goodness and righteousness.



Kristian Tørning (f. 1973) is a Danish family father, who is concerned about the development of Europe and Western civilization in general. He holds an industrial PhD from Copenhagen Business School and has been a visiting Scholar at Stanford. He has ,among other places, worked at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (danish national television), Danfoss and Microsoft and as an associate professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.


Author: Kristian Tørning
Pages: 176
Binding: Softcover/Hardcover
Published: 2019
Language: English
ISBN: 978-9188667878

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