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Jason Reza Jorjani

Prometheus and Atlas

Prometheus and Atlas

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Uncover the hidden truths of our modern world as Dr. Jorjani fearlessly dismantles the pillars of nihilistic materialism and rootless rationalism in 'Prometheus & Atlas.' This groundbreaking book exposes the dishonest suppression of the spectral and reveals the parasitic relationship between these ideologies and Abrahamic religious fundamentalism.

In a bold departure from the mainstream, Jorjani challenges the dismissal of ESP and psychokinesis as merely "paranormal." Instead, he presents a compelling argument that these phenomena are intrinsically linked to a realm beyond our limited scientific understanding—a realm he dubs "Supernature." By exposing the shortcomings of our reductive scientific models, Jorjani paves the way for a profound reevaluation of our perception of reality.

But 'Prometheus & Atlas' offers more than a critique. It calls for a transformative shift in consciousness, urging us to embrace the superhuman archetypes of Prometheus and Atlas. These ancient symbols, often operating in our collective unconscious, have fueled the audacious scientific pursuits and groundbreaking discoveries throughout history. By tapping into the cosmopolitan promise of the Hellenic heritage, we can transcend the limitations of our fragmented world.

With the spirit of Prometheus and Atlas as our guide, a fiery fusion of Eastern and Western horizons becomes possible. Imagine a society where the artificial boundaries between Science, Religion, Politics, and Art crumble, giving rise to a truly integral civilization. 'Prometheus & Atlas' offers a blueprint for this new age—a vision where the potential of humanity is unleashed, where boundaries are shattered, and where a harmonious integration of diverse disciplines propels us forward.

Prepare to embark on a mind-expanding journey, where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge insights. 'Prometheus & Atlas' invites you to question the foundations of our modern world, transcend limitations, and join the vanguard of a new era of enlightenment. Dare to embrace the transformative power of this visionary work, and witness the dawn of a world liberated from the shackles of old paradigms.


Jason Jorjani’s Prometheus & Atlas is what profound philosophical writing used to be but has long refused to be: visionary in its method and content, sweeping in its scope, literally mythical, and, above all, positive.
— Jeffrey J. Kripal, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University

Prometheus & Atlas is the most brilliant treatise relating to parapsychological material that I have ever encountered… The range of scholarship required to make this argument is, in my estimation, nothing short of awesome. I don’t think any other writer comes even close to tying things together the way Jorjani has done.
— Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, Host of Thinking Allowed and Dean of Programs in Transformational Psychology at the University of Philosophical Research

Author: Jason Reza Jorjani
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-910524-67-1
Languages: English
Number Of Pages: 468
Published: 2016

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