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Mikael Du Bouzet

Patrick Du Bouzet - The Story of an Officer in French Algeria 1960-1962

Patrick Du Bouzet - The Story of an Officer in French Algeria 1960-1962

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Almost 60 years after the end of the war and the independence of Algeria, the history of the former French region and colony has left many scars in the French society. The independence of Algeria led to tragedies for both the European and Arab populations: mass deportation for the first; killings, poverty and a new societal order for the second.

Patrick du Bouzet, a young Frenchman sent to the Army after school, went directly to the School of Officers in Algeria right after his arrival in 1960. After more than 60 years of silence, Patrick du Bouzet finally accepted to tell his story about the War in Algeria during the two years he served there.

His son, Mikael du Bouzet, was chosen to interview him together with a Finnish researcher. He unveils details and true stories from the military bases, anecdotes and how close he was to die twice.

Free from any form of censorship, this book will shed light on the historical events in Algeria. We chose to write it in English, in order to reach a larger public in the world, so more people can read about this rather unrecognised conflict outside of France.

  • Preface
  • The Background of French Algeria – when Algeria Became French
  • Algerian Nationalism on the Rise: The MNA Besides the FLN
  • Algeria Under the Fourth French Republic from 1954 to 1962: Massacres and Weak Politicians
  • Patrick du Bouzet – Soldier in Algeria (1959–1962)
  • Politics and the Society During the War in Algeria
  • The OAS
  • The Aftermath of the War in Algeria
  • Photos
  • Appendix
  • About the Author


Author: Mikael Du Bouzet
Pages: 114, Including color photos
Binding: Hardcover
Published: 2022
Language: English
ISBN: 978-9189482081

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