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Guillaume Faye

Convergence of Catastrophes

Convergence of Catastrophes

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Guillaume Faye analyses the many crises currently facing Western civilisation, in terms of the environment, immigration, terrorism, pandemics, and others, and sees a point approaching when all of them will combine to overturn the present order. This, Faye argues, will be a disaster, but at the same time an opportunity for the regeneration of our culture. This edition includes an exclusive Foreword by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.

Table of Contents:
A Note from the Editor
Foreword by Jared Taylor

Introduction: An Explosive Cocktail
Believing in Miracles
Man, a Sick Animal
The Golem Paradigm, or the Machine That Went Mad
The ”Billiard Ball” Theory
”Catastrophe Theory” and ”Discrete Structural Metamorphoses”
We Must Stop Believing in Sorcerers: Techno-science Gone Mad

1. Toward the Collapse of the Terrestrial Ecosystem
It is Already Too Late
How Times Have Changed!
Countdown to the Climate Bomb
Confronted by Global Warming, the Utopias of the Ecologists
Violent Climate Change Is Going to Provoke Geopolitical Earthquakes
The Spectre of Shortages
Examples of Ecological Disasters
And Let’s Not Forget Epidemics

2. Toward the Clash of Civilisations
The Globalisation of War
Toward the Most Bellicose Century in History
Terror as Art of Living
Is It a Question of War between Islam and the West?
China against the USA
When Everyone Has Nuclear Weapons
Israel’s Tears
Two Examples to Make Us Think
The Return of the Titans

3. Toward Chaos in Europe
In the Eye of the Cyclone
The Horrible Spectre of Ethnic Civil War
Economy: Tomorrow, the Great European Depression
The Demographic Coma
The Cancer of Decadence
The European Union: The Shattered Dream

4. Toward a Giant Economic Crisis
The End of the Paradigm of ”Economic Development”
The Impending Death of World Economic Development
Toward a ”Civilisational Break-up”
There Is No Reason to Believe That Traditional Economies Are Underdeveloped?
Is the Techno-scientific Economy Viable?
The Neo-global Economy of the Post-Catastrophe Age
A Non-egalitarian Economy
Techno-science as Esoteric Alchemy
When the Worst is Probable
The End of ”Growth”
Economism is Condemned
The Fraud of the ”New Economy”
The Dangerous Fragility of Globalised Liberal Capitalism
Some Small but Worrying Signals
The Spectre of Poverty
Cancelling the Debts of Poor Countries Is a Farce

Conclusion: A New Middle Ages
– Chaos and Post-Chaos
– Humanity, the ”Adjustment Variable”
– The Drunken Boat
– Catastrophe Scenarios
1) The Soft Scenario
2) The ”Hard” Scenario
3) The ”Very Hard” Scenario
The End of Contemporary Humanity, Predicted by Tradition
Out of Chaos into the Light

Author: Guillaume Faye
Pages: 220
Binding: Softcover, harcover
Published: 2012
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-907166-46-4

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