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Jeffrey Hamm

Action Replay

Action Replay

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‘Action Replay’ is the remarkable life-story of Jeffrey Hamm as seen through his own eyes. From being a nominal member of the pre-War British Union of Fascists, events soon propelled him forward to become Oswald Mosley’s leading exponent in the post-War world - and the subject of at least five fat MI5 files. Hamm may well have remained a nonactive member of the Mosley Movement and spent his life as an unknown secondary school teacher, but in 1940 a fellow Blackshirt falsely denounced him and the Head of MI5 himself began the man-hunt that detained Jeffrey Hamm in the far-off Falkland Isles. No reason was given for his imprisonment without charge or trial and he was transferred to an internment camp in South Africa – with only 200 German Nazis for company!

After an unsuccessful attempt to escape by tunnel, Jeffrey Hamm was freed and on his return immediately joined the Royal Tank Corps where his conduct was recorded as exemplary, but MI5 hadn’t finished with him yet and ordered his immediate dismissal. Hamm was outraged by his treatment and vowed vengeance against the Government he had come to hate. His pre-War allegiance to Mosley was rekindled – and his course as a swashbuckling political firebrand and constant thorn in the side of successive British governments was set.

An excellent read that tells the story of Mosley’s ‘Union Movement’ from the inside. 


OBS! Omslag kan se annorlunda ut än vad som syns på bild!

Author: Jeffrey Hamm
Pages: 198
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English
ISBN: 9781908476814

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