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Dr. T Lothrop Stoddard

The New World of Islam

The New World of Islam

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Dr. T Lothrop Stoddard was an American author, journalist, historian and race antropolog author of a long series of books. This book from 1921 was the first work that warned the Western world for the expansion of Islam that began during the 1900s and which would reach new heights during the mass immigration and Islamic extremism that began in the 1980s.
The book offers a historical retrospective of Islam's founding, initial prosperity and sophistication, the decay appearing today.

Stoddard explains the wahabbistiska roots, nationalism rebirth of Arab States, India and the Middle East after World War I and its relation to Islam. Stoddard warns that Islam once set in motion to try to conquer the world.

Introduction: The Decline And Fall Of The Old Islamic World
I. The Mohammedan Revival
II. Pan-Islamism
III. The Influence Of The West
IV. Political Change
V. Nationalism
VI. Nationalism In India
VII. Economic Change
VIII. Social Change
IX. Social Unrest And Bolshevism

Author: Dr. T Lothrop Stoddard
Pages: 238
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English

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